In search of our own art voice

Your own art voice, your unique style.
What is it?
How can one find it?

At the moment I'm really diving into this question,
reading blog posts and book pages about it,
watching interviews.

What comes to mind at first is:
do the work.

Just do it.

If you're a painter:
Paint more.

You need to practice a lot, create a lot,
before your own style will develop more clearly.

Second tip: Explore.
Seek inspiration by watching other artists.
Look at their work, look closely.
Then ask yourself: what is it what I like about this work?
The colours?
The story?
The drama?
The looseness?
Or the empty spaces?
The marks made?
The subject?

Then step back, put away the computer or the book or other source.
And just work and explore with the media you have at hand.
Without the other artist's work right in front of you,
so you will not be tempted to just copy.

That's what I tried with the first two paintings above.
And it worked!
Yes, you will probably still be able to see which artists inspired me.
But still, it came out of myself and is not merely a copy.

There are more questions you can ask yourself
and other things to try as well,
when you're in search of your own unique art voice.
But more on that in another post.

Happy creating!

xx Wen


  1. Dear Wen, I love your colorful paintings, filled with sweetness, and also joy.The journal is filled with beauty, and lovely nature studies,kept mainly in pinkish tones, so gorgeous, dear friend, and so wonderful seeing you here, again. !! Hugs, Dorthe

  2. so enjoying your exploring of this new art for you, lovely creations you are making!