Exploring freely

Hello sweet friends,

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm searching for my own unique art voice and style
and to do so I'm exploring new-to-me terrain in art.
Way out of my comfort zone.

The painting in my art journal above is inspired by one of my fave artists:
So I want to give her full credit.

And below is a watercolour rose that I did following a tutorial video by
Dana of Wonder Forest.
(Ah, some blog names or instagram handles
can really make you wish you had come up with that wonderful name!)

And here is a work in progress.
A background I made for a new project in my art journal,
after feeling very inspired by all the beautiful art I had seen lately.

There will be doodling like the first painting on top of it, I think.
But I loved this background so much by itself, that I wanted to capture it before adding more to it.

I hope you feel inspired to explore art outside your comfort zone as well.
Do try, it's so liberating!

Happy smiles to you!

xx Wen

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  1. very cool journal page, your style is so neat and I totally love your flower it is just perfect, glad your exploring your new style!