Artful play day

Seabluegreen is one of my favourite colours.
I think it's such a soothing hue.

The pages in my art journal above are not yet finished,
but I wanted to share a little bit of my artful play.

I had a young visitor this weekend and this sweet little girl loves to paint.
So I took out my supplies and we had some fun together.

I had no plans nor expectations beforehand and this can be a good remedy against perfectionism :)
as I surprised myself with the lovely background above.
Now, what shall I use it for... oh dear... too much thinking...

Anyway, what do you do with your left over paints?

Mixed with water it can be a wonderful way to dye some fabric scraps for other artful projects.

But usually the leftover paints end up in my bigger art journal.
I just apply them randomly.

But sometimes interesting pages emerge out of this.

I'm starting to like to make a bit more abstract art.
Or less realistic anyway :)

Although I still can't help myself and my perfectionism.
For example in the painting below, which I already shared at my other blog AppleApricot.

More background play with inks and paints below.

And then my perfectionist brain kicks in and I don't know what to do with these next, lol!

At the moment I'm working on some more experimental projects then I am used to.
Way out of my comfort zone!
But I love it!
I will share those projects another time soon.

But for now, wishing you a beautiful artful play day!

xx Wen

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  1. Terrific backgrounds, lovely colors, looks like you had a great time of play!