Spiritual richness

Hello sweet friends,

If you ever feel like you'd love to add some spiritual richness to your art journaling,
then I really recommend the workshop Sunday Mornings (2) by Mindy Lacefield.
(Which is a Christian based workshop I should add.)

She's a sweetie and I find her lessons to be peaceful and inspiring.

Plus she helps you to go way out of your comfort zone.
Especially if you're a perfectionist like me.

It felt wonderful to add more spiritual richness and depth to my work.

Creating this page spread felt comforting and peaceful.
It brought my creating to the core of my soul
and brings me peace in my heart.

Below are some photos of when I was still busy with the page spread above.

First we made a beautifully layered background.

And I was like "oh no, do we really have to cover that up with more layers?!"

But in the end I was glad that we did just so :)

Then we added a girl shape with a stencil which we had made ourselves.

Then we went on with painting and drawing of the girl.

I put her on a hill.

And last but not least we added the wording.
An important part of the spiritual richness of the workshop.

My page spread I created copy cat style,
because that really helped me to focus on the lessons I was learning from Mindy.
But in the end it does look different from hers,

I love the richness in layers her way of working gives.

Thank you Mindy girl for your beautiful lesson!

xx Wen


  1. That really is wonderful work with lovely colour choices. :-)

  2. Oh, your finished pages are so wonderful, I love the playfull feeling they have, and the movement you created, dear Wen. Your girl standing there so pieceful, even in the blowing wind, listening to her inner voice, and the words from above. I can understand what you mean ,about the spiritual way with words, giving you piece and comfort , like saying a prayer out loud !! This is beautiful !!
    Hugs ,Dorthe XXX

  3. that is so neat and to create with God's word in there must bring peace to it also, pretty pages!