Gesso lessons and leaving my perfectionism behind

Hello hello,

Since I'm following several workshops at once,
(which is so me!)
I'm hopping from one to the other.

Here's some homework for Supplies Me,
a workshop by Jane Davenport.

First my favourite one (above).

The assignment was to use gesso in several ways, as paints.
Mixed with sprays and drops with paints.
And then stenciled and stamped.
I love the outcome of this and I love the texture it gives.

Then the other gesso assignment.
This was the one we started with in the gesso class.

Using tissue pieces and gesso to start the background.
On top of that I did some stenciling with paint
and love the background!

The first assignment of the Supplies Me workshop was a creative warm up.
My warm up page is below.

Jane tries to eliminate the perfectionist in us.

We had to start with random symbols or shapes on the page.
Three of everything is what she does.

I started with three purple finger painted stripes.
Hey, I thought, these look just like trees!
So that's what I went on with.
I thought this was a fun thing to do
and it really helps loosen up and not worry about the outcome.

Lessons learned

What I learned most of this lesson is to:

1) keeping an art journal is fun
(because usually I would just grab a piece of paper)

2) keep in mind that it is "only" a JOURNAL

3) and therefore feel free to make a total mess

4) to experiment

5) to not worry about the outcome

6) to paint over it if you don't like it

7) or just skip the page and go on with another

8) to not HAVE to finish the page

9) cause you can always go on with it somewhere in the future.

Inviting and motivating

I found that when I approach my journal this way
that it's great fun to work in it.
Especially when I leave blank pages in between
and don't have to finish pages NOW.
This way the whole journal has bits and pieces here and there,
 which is really inviting to take time regularly
and randomly work in your journal.

One day you go on with an unfinished page.
Another day you're starting a new page randomly in your journal.
And yet another day you just make a mess
which is a good starting point as a background for another time.

Because of this my now inviting looking journal
really helps to motivate me
to keep an art journal
and to loosen up and just have fun experimenting.


Linking up to Paint Party Friday
and wishing you a wonderful day!

xx Wen


  1. Wonderful pages, looks like you are having fun. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. I love your delicate art. All pages are so beautiful and happy looking.
    Happy Autumn ♥

  3. Love this, Wen--all of it! I am going to have to save some of your thoughts above and remember them when I start battling my own perfectionist self! Happy PPF!

  4. I really enjoyed seeing your journal pages and reading what you learned. Your pages are so full of energy and made me happy just looking at them. Thank you so much for sharing what you learned. It made me want to begin art journaling.

  5. The first one is my favorite as well. You have the movement perfectly.

  6. I agree the first is my favourite too although they're all good. I love the idea and list of points because I'm constantly trying to loosen my work. You've reinforced some points so thank you for sharing.
    I am in awe of you following several workshops. I have trouble fitting in a few minutes if I'm lucky.
    Have a wonderful creative time and Happy PPF to you

  7. Oh, how I konw the issue with the perfection...I love the work you did! Happy PPF - Irma

  8. I so love your favorite, Wen, a real autumn tour in the blowing winds, she is lovely, and your background very beautiful. It seems to be a wonderful calss, and a teacher urging to just doo, and not to think, too much, is a wonderful start .
    Your list is something to keep in mind, Wen, thank you.
    Hugs from Dorthe, xx

  9. All gorgeous pages..and loved hearing your process... very inspirational!! Thank you!

    Hugs Giggles