Trust your wings to fly

Trust your journey.

Trust your wings to fly.

This was a huge lesson for me this week.

You know, I have so many things and directions in art that I'd like to experiment with.
I haven't one me-style.
One consistent, personal style.

That's why I have different blogs for this and that.

A blog for my vintage shabby style.
A blog for experimenting in nature inspired work and photography.
A blog for experimenting in art journaling.

I see things, I watch others create. I learn and grow.
But I grow wild, in many directions.

And I felt like I should be more consistent in my style,
so people visiting my blog(s) know what to expect.


I love working with fabrics and lace.

I love vintage shabby style lovely romantic creations.
Making books and collages, hearts.

I love nature. Creating nature inspired pieces.
In neutrals and muted colours.
A bit rough on the edges.

Experimenting with fiber art and mixed media.


And I love experimenting with art journaling in brighter colours.

I don't know where to go to find ME in art.
I watch others and try to create something inspired by them.
Copy cat style.

Then something happened.

I had been doing a lot of vintagy shabby style work for my blog AppleApricot lately.
But this week I felt the urge to do some art journaling again.
To follow the lessons of Lifebook 2015.

I wanted to start from scratch again.
So I did lesson one.
The warm up exercise.

Starting with the neutrals and muted colours that I was creating in for AppleApricot
and for my nature inspired blog.

And then a message came to me.

Be True.

Trust your journey.

Trust your wings to fly.

And my wings let me to brighter colours,
she-art, a bit whimsical.

And I felt so happy while creating this piece!


My conclusion this week was:

It's totally okay to wander around.
To create copy cat style.
To follow wherever my muse wants to explore at that moment.
Unbound by any Shoulds or Have Tos.

Because from this I learn so much.

I don't have to set myself boundaries.
I don't have to have one consistent and personal style.

I trust my wings.

I trust that they will lead me to a good place.
Or many beautiful places to explore.

I trust that in time I will find my own style.
As long as I just fly without fear and without boundaries.

And I hope that you will permit yourself to do so as well.

Trust your wings,
trust that they will fly
and lead you to wonderful places to explore!

Enjoy your journey!


For the first time I'm linking a painting of mine to

Thank you for hosting girls!

xx Wen


  1. I so agree, I like to explore all kinds of creating and hobbies, we can learn so much through all kinds of things. Oh how I love your piece, her dress all patch work is gorgeous, sweet bird and such a great background, but what I love the most is her eyes, it's like you can see down into her soul, just amazing and what a great reminder to have around you to see each day!

  2. oh wow, this is a truly inspirational post. I hop between lots of different crafting hobbies too, most of which I don't get to put online (time is a factor) but love it - yes, definitely - where the mind and heart wanders to!
    Beautiful painting, vibrant and eyecatching! Love our shabby art journaling piece too. AND your photography is WOW! You have such a great eye!

  3. Wen dear I was looking for your email to thank you for visiting my blog and instead I found this lovely blog of yours with such a meaningful message. Sometimes I feel like I have no style...nothing unique to me...that all I can do is copy others and in doing so I do find a peace and sense of creative bliss that is just for my moment. You have done that here and she is beautiful with a wonderful message. Creative Bliss Dear...

  4. I like being a bit of a hopper myself. It is a great way to ensure that you always have some way to express how you are feeling... in the end I figure they all feed in other in different ways ... and let's be honest it is just plain fun to try different things and styles... xx

  5. Beautiful, thoughtful post. I look forward to hearing from you again.

  6. I get board easily and so I have many art techniques that I create with and still want to learn. I love your painting and all the photos
    Have a nice Sunday

  7. Hey, welcome to PPF Wen!! I love how you found your beautiful girl and words to post-well done all around!