Wen's Paint is a place of freely exploring and creating. Gently stepping away from comfort zone and inner critic, inspired by so many different artists and the beauty of the world. A place of expressing what comes from within. An exciting journey of discovery.

Since childhood I create. Mostly with pencil and thread. But I have always found it difficult to develop my own create voice. To break free from merely copying.

Wen's Paint is the place where I share my journey to freely expressing my creative soul, to finding my voice. Sharing with you the insights gained, the questions asked, the mixture of feelings high and low. The doubts, the joy, the inspiration, the teachers and masters, and the beauty found.

I hope you join me on this thrilling journey towards creative freedom, so we can explore together, share insights and inspiration found, cheer each other on, and basically just share a whole lot of creative joy!

Come find me here on my blog and at http://facebook.com/wenspaint/ or http://instagram.com/wenspaint/

xx Wen