No rain no flowers

Hello creative friends!

Let me tell you, there is not enough time in a day! I'm having so much fun doing the homework for art classes and besides that just paint whatever I feel like painting! I'm learning a hole lot about different paints and media.

Like the flower pattern in ink and wax crayon which I created for a class by Tracy Verdugo.

I recently started working in a small size Moleskine sketchbook with gouache paints on gesso. I'm new to gouache paints and have to say that I really have to get used to it, but I love it so much! Here are some spreads I did this week.

I notice that I tend to use this little journal for journaling about my day or things/emotions that I'm going through, so I'm using my native language here a lot which is Dutch.

And then there is my big art journal which I mostly fill with acrylic paintings. Here is a flower bouquet I painted for a class by Donna Downey:

Rrrrrreally vibrant colours, haha!

I'm also doing more illustrations lately, of which I'm sharing some on my AppleApricot blog.

What are you working on at the moment?

Sunny day to you!
xx Wen


  1. You create so much wonderful beauty with your painting, dear Wen.
    So many different objects, and all coming out fabulous.
    I totally love your spread with the woman and the butterfly- the life there is in it, and the gorgeous colors. Also the sweet kitten, looks as if he will stand up and walk away :-)
    Your big bouquet oh it is fascinating , and the sunflower, totally amazing, dear.
    So happy to see your enjoyment and all your beautiful and happy colored creations.
    Big hugs, and kisses
    Dorthe, xxx

    1. Thank you so much sweet friend :) I so love exploring painting! Big hugs xx

  2. Oh wow your pages are just amazing, I have not heard of those kind of paints, but you are doing a wonderful job with them!! Love the little kitty with the flower!