Making progress

Hello sweet friends,

Painting is what helps me to keep sane in a time of hardships,
like we're facing at the moment within the family.
So that's what I'm doing.
A lot.

I found this wonderful workshop of Mindy Lacefield

It's a faith based workshop,
which at the moment helps me with keeping sane as well :)

I haven't finished my painting yet,
but I so loved the background we created in one of the lessons,
that I wanted to share it here.
I love the richness of the layering and textures.

I sketched and painted the girls below.

It's hard not to be influenced by her wonderful style :)

The assignment was to sketch girl faces with ink or coloured pencil
without drawing them in graphite pencil first.
(So erasing is not allowed...)

I used paint markers to add a little bit of colour.

Jane's tip is to leave some spots white,
which adds a playfulness to it
and makes it more interesting.

And here are my coloured pencil drawings.

I tried to add some expressions to some of the faces.

I especially love the blushing little girl in below "ohhh".

And here's a drawing influenced by Jane's girls.

On the internet I found a beautiful fashion illustration
which I tried to draw myself in ink
without erasing ;)

Mine is different than the original,
a different girl
but with the same shading and hairdo.

I love the way the original was shaded.
Unfortunately I couldn't find who the illustrator was
so I can't give him or her credit.

I'm learning a lot when I'm creating copy cat style.
And I trust that I will develop my own style after a while.

I'm sharing these exercise paintings and drawings
because I'd like to chronicle my progression.
If it helps anyone else as well,
then I'm glad I shared it.

Hugs xx Wen


  1. Girl, you are amazing, I am absolutely gobsmacked. You are so talented, and until recently, I had no idea that you were such a painterly artist. It will be so interesting to follow your progress,

  2. You are doing a wonderful job with these, I can't imagine drawing let alone not being able to erase. Glad you have something to get you through some rough times, I think having a creative out let is a very good thing and so glad I have found mine and I think you have found yours too!

  3. Wen, my dear, what wonderful faces, all, they are so lovely, and also allive, and your background papers are so rich and fantastic in layers and colours. How difficult it must be, not being alowed to erace, and you did a perfect job. Your "blue" girl, is fabolous, (second last photo ) what a beauty you have created, dear, you are truly very talented. Wen I hope you are mastering all these difficult days, and am happy you can relax, with your painting.
    Love from Dorthe.