Courage dear heart...

Courage dear heart, go where your dreams take you...

By stepping out of our comfort zones and self imposed restraints
we grow as artists.

And it's only then I think that we will find our heart and soul in art.

Our own voice.

This is a lesson I'm learning right now.

I loved (and still love) my comfort zone of
the shabby vintage style fabric and mixed media art.

But I'm soooooo enjoying myself with these whimsical girl paintings!
And I'm learning A LOT.

I can't stop painting anymore...


Spread your wings

and go where your dreams take you dear friends!

xx Wen

Linking to Paint Party Friday.

(Ps: this is work for week 4 of Lifebook 2015. Registration for Lifebook 2016 will soon be open. I can highly recommend signing up!)


  1. Your doing a wonderful job with these, I just love the softness you achieve in the face and eyes! I love the patchwork background too!

  2. Very cute. Love how you handled her hair. What a good problem to have - can't stop painting!!:-)

  3. There is a reason why you are painting these. Simply enjoy the process and keep painting. This is a beautiful piece with an inspiring message. I would love to see more of these. So glad I stopped by.

  4. Dear Wen, You are so right in what you say here, and your jump into painting is a beautiful succes. I love your girls and the transparent way you have painted her, So lovely are their faces,-and you are a wonderful artist, whatever you try !!!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  5. Such pretty girls get them out while you can, you never know when a lull will come!! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles