Art feeds my soul

Creating art makes me feeling happy and peaceful.

Especially drawing, painting and stitching.

As a child I used to draw for hours and hours.
It healed my wounds and kept me sane.
As I was facing a difficult time.

Art really did feed my soul back then,
and it still does.

When I started creating regularly a couple of years ago,
it changed my life.

Every tiny bit of spare time that I have
I wish to do something creative.

But my dream is that through art I can give something to others as well.
Not just a piece of art work made by me.
But art that feeds his or her soul.
That gives a little bit of happy.
Be it something I made or something that person made with me.

When I came from high school, I wanted to be an artist.
An illustrator of children's books to be precise.

I went to an open house of the art academy
but I did not go through with it.
I knew I would not be able to create anything under pressure
nor anything with set boundaries.

Now, years later, we are so lucky to have internet
where we can share and take part
in worlds that had closed doors before.

So may be.
Who knows.
Will I be able to make my dreams come true.

Wishing you a beautiful day
and may you fulfill your dreams!

xx Wen

(Ps: this is work for Lifebook 2015 week 3 en 2)
Ps 2: for the page of the first photo I also used a watercolour lesson in Flow Magazine)


  1. Very creative! That jar is gorgeous!!!

  2. My you are so talented ... your art work is amazing and I can understand how it fed your soul ... Beautiful pieces my friend! Like you I am grateful that the internet opens doors and widens the mind not to mention it brings us in touch with people we would never have known. Have a lovely day!

  3. Wendy I just love to visit you! You lift me up with you gorgeous creations! You are so right about how creativity does fill you and lift you to new heights, lets you soar above lifes troubles! The internet has been a wonderful way to connect with others and see their creations as well. For me living in a rural area and not being able to go anywhere the internet is especially wonderful!

  4. You are a very talented artist, love all the colors you use, so great and uplifting! Love all the bird items too, and love your work on the jars!