Girls girls girls

On my other blog AppleApricot
I share some of my fabric and paper projects.
I started Wen's Paint
because I wanted to try art journaling, painting and illustrating
without feeling limited to the vintage shabby style
of AppleApricot.

My wish is to incorporate art journaling and painting into my fabric projects.
This girl (above) illustration is going to be part of a fabric book.
A mixed media book rather :)

As a little girl I did a LOT drawing
so this is not new to me.
But I didn't do a lot of painting and art journaling is new to me.
And by following courses and watching books
and a lot of videos of several artists
I learn so much and I'm having so much fun!

Like the technique for this background.
I doodled with white wax crayon (the ones children use)
and then I lightly added water colour paint.
The crayon stays white, so the doodles appear by magic.

And the background of the first girl is done by brayering several paints.

~ xxx ~

A happy doodledydoo Wen


  1. OH MY !! Dear Wendy , you are a master in drawing such beautiful faces , I simply love them, the one tilding her head is so beautiful, and the other one so magic with all the tecniques, you used...what is brayering ? I can`t translate it on google ... I love her face, too . And the coloring looks fantastic and highlights the right places in your faces!! Such beauties, my dear. Have fun with all this classes ,I know axatly what you mean, with being limited to the vintage shabby style.
    Warm hugs from Dorthe

  2. Oh how precious a face, just beautiful!

  3. What beautiful work! I loved hearing about how you created these. The white crayon and water color technique sounds fabulous. I love the way it turned out. Glad you are learning and having fun. Thanks for sharing your work with us. :)